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Litigation Support


Our senior consultants have the experience, credentials, and communication skills necessary to provide successful litigation support to attorney teams and perform expert witness testimony. Dr. Dagdigian has provided expert witness deposition and trial (jury and bench) testimony on numerous projects. We frequently communicate with attorney teams for each litigation support project to ensure that the scientific research is performed in a way that addresses the issues in question in the litigation. This close communication is necessary to keep up with the numerous changes in litigation direction that inevitably come up as the lawsuit progresses. 

"Whether we win or lose I want to take a moment to truly thank you both for your professionalism, your level headedness, your patience and your love for what you do and your ability to support the truth with all of your collective education that you gave to the court process."

    - Confidential client

Waterstone has supported litigation efforts by working closely with attorneys to gather the data necessary to provide environmental information for transaction negotiations, environmental justice, white-collar crime, settlement conferences and jury trials.  Waterstone staff has experience on a wide variety of cases supporting legal counsel, from sale negotiations to expert witness testimony. Our seasoned professionals can confidently deliver sound, well-supported data providing a strong foundation for legal counsel to represent their clients. 

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