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Providing Full-Service Environmental Consulting Solutions

We have eleven full-time employees including hydrogeologists, engineers, geologists, chemists, and environmental scientists as well as support staff. Waterstone also has contract employees who provide services in toxicology, GIS, drafting, and field services. Our office is located in Anaheim, CA. The company is owned by Jeffrey V. Dagdigian, Ph.D. who is also a full-time senior level consultant for his clients and who has provided expert witness testimony in deposition and trial on numerous projects.

Waterstone has discarded the old paradigm of environmental consulting various levels of professionals existed within the organization with more junior staff than senior staff.   


To provide our clients with expedited, high quality services, we have formed a company of senior consultants that have day-to-day responsibilities to manage projects, perform consulting for our clients, and write up deliverables using innovative, forward-looking strategies that address the client’s needs and timelines.  

About our Logo: Around 350 B.C., Aristotle made a momentous observation that shaped Western philosophy and the understanding of the earth. He believed that the universe consisted of five primary elements: earth, water, air, fire, and ether (the heavens), and any unbalance in one of these elements would result in chaos. Although Aristotle’s theory has long since been replaced by modern chemistry and physics, his basic idea of the complicated interplay between the earth, its water, and its air still holds today. Our logo incorporates the Greek symbols for Air, Water, and Earth and thus celebrates the harmonious balance of these elements and their importance to environmental science.

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