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July 2015 Soil Gas Advisory - What's New?

October 02, 2015

by Mindy Jenkins, PG, CSST


Waterstone will conduct your subsurface investigation in accordance with the most current regulatory guidances. For active soil gas surveys, this means using the latest and greatest Advisory on Active Soil Gas Investigations published in July 2015. What do these changes mean for you? Because the agencies have chosen to eliminate purge test sampling, at least two fewer unnecessary samples will need to be collected and analyzed during each investigation. Also, decommissioning procedures for soil gas wells were modified to emulate the California Well Standards (Bulletin 74-90) requirements, reducing further a potential conduit for contamination migration. Budgetary costs for these and other Advisory modifications should be evaluated when performing soil gas surveys.


"Jointly revised by DTSC, Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board (LARWQCB), and San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board, this updated Advisory provides technically consistent approaches for collecting and analyzing soil gas samples. Data obtained from soil gas investigations can be used to identify the spatial distribution of volatile contamination at a site and assist in the evaluation of vapor intrusion."

Stormwater Permits and the New Water Year

September 28, 2015

by Elizabeth Gonzalez, PE


The new stormwater year begins October 1, 2015. Time to start watching the weather reports and scheduling your monthly inspections in accordance with the Industrial and Construction General Stormwater Permits.

When do I need a new Phase I ESA?

August 01, 2015

by Heather Fields


No Phase I Environmental Site Assessment can remove all the uncertainty from your purchase e regarding the potential for recognized environmental conditions in connection with a property. Performance of this practice is intended to reduce, but not eliminate, uncertainty regarding the potential for recognized environmental conditions in connection with a property, and this practice recognizes reasonable limits of time and cost. 


A Phase I ESA may be used by another purchase (other than the owner) with the consultant's permission within 180 days of the report publication. Beyond that time period, Waterstone recommends that a new Phase I be completed. 

Updating your Hazardous Materials Business Plan online

July 01, 2015

by Brianne Archer, PE, CPP


It's easy to let Waterstone update your Hazardous Materials Business Plan online. Your local CUPA needs an updated reported annually, by March 1. Waterstone will do all the heavy lifting and remind you when it's time to update. Just let us know if you've added any new hazardous materials or store them in a new location. Also, let us know if you have any changes to your emergency contact information.

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