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The Firm

Waterstone Environmental, Inc. was formed in 1997 as a group of senior scientists and engineers applying their decades of experience as active consultants in the environmental area. 


We employ a team approach and senior consultants work intimately on all aspects of each project. As a result, we believe that we have established a service-oriented company culture that provides our clients with high quality consulting and timely service.

Latest Insights

ASTM Phase I Standard (E1527-21)

February 2024

As of February 14, 2024, the most recent ASTM Phase I standard (E1527-21) has been adopted as the new industry standard for Phase I ESAs. Reports prepared under the previous standard (ASTM E1527-13) will no longer satisfy the requirements for conducting All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) for landowner liability protections under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA).

See more in latest insight blog page.

Waterstone News


April 2024

Waterstone is excited to announce that we are seeking motivated, intelligent, educated scientists to join our high level consulting team of professional geologists, engineers, chemists and environmental scientists. Currently we're seeking both entry level and mid-level to senior-level positions.  

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Latest Insights

Latest EPA News on Asbestos 

March 2024

EPA .jpg

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) yesterday banned the last form of asbestos still imported into the United States. Asbestos is fire-resistant and durable and has long been used in building materials like insulation. Asbestos exposure is linked to lung and other forms of cancer, killing an estimated 40,000 Americans each year. It can be challenging for the body to clear and when inhaled, can cling to the lining of the lungs, causing a form of cancer known as mesothelioma.

While asbestos manufacturing has declined since the 1970s, one of its six forms—chrysotile asbestos—is still being imported into the US...until yesterday! Actually, the EPA has set compliance deadlines to transition away from the use of chrysotile asbestos in all applicatoins, which are as soon as is practicable for each use while also providing a reasonable transition period, which the law requires.

Read the full article in this link.

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