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Jeffrey V. Dagdigian, PhD

Managing Principal Environmental Scientist

Dr. Dagdigian is the owner and Managing Principal Environmental Scientist of Waterstone Environmental, Inc. He is an expert in fate and transport analysis for chemical compounds including petroleum hydrocarbons and fuels, chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents, heavy metals, and other persistent chemicals in the subsurface.


As a Ph.D. chemist with over 33 years as a consulting environmental scientist, he has evaluated environmental issues on hundreds of properties where petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, heavy metals and other contaminants were released during historical industrial or commercial uses. Dr. Dagdigian has performed forensic evaluation of chemicals within soil, soil gas, and groundwater to help understand the source of the contamination and, sometimes, the age of contamination. Dr. Dagdigian has designed hundreds of sampling plans to define the extent of impacted areas and to identify the sources on contaminated sites. He has helped assign responsibility to involved parties; and has designed and performed remediation leading to “no further action” decisions by oversight agencies.


Dr. Dagdigian has been an instructor at UCI’s extension campus for over 17 years. During that time he has taught courses dealing hazardous waste chemistry and site characterization and auditing. Dr. Dagdigian is qualified expert witness with significant experience testifying for both plaintiffs and defendants.

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Elizabeth Gonzalez, PE

Principal Engineer

Ms. Gonzalez is a Principal Engineer and Registered Professional Civil Engineer for Waterstone Environmental. She brings over 25 years of experience in environmental engineering and project management gained as a regulator and as a consultant.


Ms. Gonzalez’ has extensive experience managing projects to obtain regulatory closure on
environmental issues and providing regulatory compliance services. Ms. Gonzalez has managed several projects from the investigation through the remediation phase and received “no further action” closure from various regulatory agencies. Ms. Gonzalez’ expertise in site characterization, remediation, and regulatory issues has proven a critical component in developing unique and cost effective solutions to bring projects to a successful closure.

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Mark Shifflett

Principal Environmental Scientist

Mr. Shifflett is a Principal Environmental Scientist with over 24 years of experience in the environmental field with expertise in due diligence studies, site assessment and remedial investigations on a wide variety of property types and sizes. Mr. Shifflett has managed large soil remediation projects in Los Angeles and Orange Counties obtaining approvals from regulatory agencies in the form of ‘no further action’ letters for redevelopment of the properties for residential and commercial/retail land use. Mr. Shifflett has managed studies of vapor intrusion and health risk evaluation to assess whether historical property uses have resulted in impacts by volatile chemical including to indoor air. Mr. Shifflett has played a key support role in litigation support cases to identify and locate historical releases, evaluate remedial alternatives, and prepare cost estimates for damages.

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Richard (Rusty) Vogl, PG, CEG, CHG

Principal Hydrogeologist

Mr. Vogl is a Principal Hydrogeologist at Waterstone Environmental, Inc. and is an expert in the areas of hydrogeology; soil and groundwater contamination, investigation, and remediation; and soil vapor intrusion. Mr. Vogl has worked on dozens of litigation support projects that have included preparing expert opinion reports and testimony. Mr. Vogl is a registered professional Geologist, Certified Hydrogeologist, and Certified Engineering Geologist in the state of California and a registered professional Geologist in Arizona and Oregon.


During over 28 years of professional experience, Mr. Vogl has completed hundreds of Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments and work on dozens of soil and groundwater assessment and remediation projects involving chlorinated hydrocarbon contamination, petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and other recalcitrant compounds. Remediation techniques employed have included soil vapor extraction, dual-phase extraction, multi-phase extraction, and groundwater pump and treat, ozone injection ,and enhanced biodegradation (aerobic and anaerobic). His strong technical background in environmental assessments and remediation has provided the necessary background information to manage a wide variety of environmental projects and has received regulatory closure on dozens of contaminated sites through successful remediation throughout California.

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William Henry, PG

Principal Geologist

Mr. William Henry has over 40 years of petroleum and environmental consulting experience, of which 29 years have been in geology and hydrogeology, and management of site characterization and soil and groundwater remediation projects.  The majority of Mr. Henry’s experience has been in the design and implementation of remediation systems for mitigating chemically impacted soil and groundwater. 


At Waterstone, Mr. Henry is responsible for the management of projects including the remedial investigation and site closure of soil and groundwater contaminants associated with oil fields, industrial manufacturing sites, and commercial properties including those with underground storage tanks, dry cleaning operations, and a variety of other uses where hazardous materials are a part of site operations.

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